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Every Antrim Business needs an SEO Strategy to stay ahead of the competition and to be seen as the only business worth using.  Today people are searching Google for your product or services, how easy is it to find you?  Well designed Search Engine Optimisation should be at the very heart of all of your marketing activities.

People are searching more and more for businesses like yours, looking for products and services that offer a solution to their problems. the first thing anyone does today s to search for you on Google (or other search engines like Bing)

Your website is your digital voice and SEO is the perfect way to get you found more easily, increase your visibility and ultimately get more customers and sales.

antrim seo company osmond maguire seo consultant

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for Antrim Business Owners

Antrim SEO Agency, getting you ranked and found

If your Antrim Business needs SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation), then you have arrived at the right place.  Osmond has been carrying out Website Search Engine Optimisation  and providing digital marketing solutions to business owners for the last 25+ years.

Osmond has worked as an SEO Expert for the past 25+ years and remembers when SEO was all about hidden text and keyword stuffing, practices that today would lead to getting your website banned and de-indexed.  Today thankfully, SEO is all about providing great quality content and information for your customer to make the best decision.

Contact Osmond today, to see what a well execited SEO Strategy can do for your business.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ranking Proof

Other SEO Agencies will confuse you with words and shy away when it comes to proving the results they get for their customers.  We like to be fully transparent and show you exactly what it is we are good at.  We have been carrying out SEO since the dark days of Search Engine Optimisation and know our stuff when it comes to getting you ranked and found on all Search Engines.

The proof is always in the ranking on Google, Bing or any of the other popular search engines.  You need to think like one of your customers and make sure you can be found with terms they would use. 

Take your smart phone and open a web browser and starting looking up products or services that relate to your business.  Is it possible to find you with ease, can you even find your website, why are you not showing up – all these questions and more can be answered and solved with SEO.

Below you will find a selection of real customers (past and present) with various search terms all based around their business and the ranking results found in Google.  I have tried to show you the leywords and key phrases used to rank their website pages so that I can show you SEO involves a little bit more than single words and home pages.

Check them out or try searching for yourself.

RayGray Snacks Ltd

search term    |    Google Ranking

traditional pork scratchings
page 1 position 3

pork scratchings manufacturers
page 1 position 1

pork crunch
page 1 position 2

DSM Training (Omagh)

 search term    |    Google Ranking 

motorcycle lessons omagh
page 1 position 1

omagh car and trailer training
page 1 positon 1

driver training omagh
page 1 position 3

Kevlin Tyres (Omagh)

search term    |    Google Ranking

budget tyres omagh
page 1 position 2

dpf remap omagh
page 1 position 2

wheel alignment and balancing omagh
page 1 position 3


search term    |    Google Ranking

concrete washout
page 1 position 3

concrete wash water
page 1 position 8

concrete washout solutions
page 1 position 2

Quality Systems Con...

search term    |    Google Ranking

iso 9001 certification staffordshire
page 1 position 4

staffordshire iso consultant
page 1 position 1

staffordshire Health & Safety Consultant
page 1 position 10

Coopers Crushing

search term    |    Google Ranking

Birmingham crusher hire 
page 1 position 2

concrete crushing and brick crushing
page 1 position 5

crusher hire west midlands
page 1 position 2

note*    some ranking results may vary due to geographical locations, please always use an incognito or private window to ensure more accurate ranking information

SEO Audit – Free SEO Audit for your Website

ni seo agency osmond maguire free seo audit

Take advantage of our FREE website SEO Audit and start optimising your website today.

It’s the place where we start every SEO project from as SEO experts and you can have the report for free.  Learn what is going on with your site and apply the quick fixes and recommendations to improve your Google ranking today.

Simply fill in your details on the form on the left and let our SEO Expert do his work.  I will send you a detailed report all about your website and what you need to do to improve it.

What are you waiting for  – fill the form in and improve your Google ranking today.


Antrim Company in Derry – Search Engine Optimisation an Explanation

I am an SEO expert with over 25+ years of experience in getting your website, ranked indexed and found on Search Engines.  Over the years I have been able to rank all types of services, products and businesses who need to improve their visibility on Google or their local search engine rankings.

More and more we are seeing an increase in tradespeople and local business who want to be found locally and need to improve their Google Local 3 pack.

Call me today and lets talk SEO for your business.

ni seo company osmond maguire seo expert google page 1

Google Page 1

Every business owner with a website, wants to be found on Page 1 of Google.

So how do you do it?  Where do you start? What do you change? – Can you help me?

All of this and so much more is possible when you use the SEO services of NI SEO Expert Osmond Maguire.  I will do this using a well defined SEO strategy and follow my proven SEO roadmap.  This combined effort will move your website ranking and get you easily found for specific keywords and key phrases that your customers are looking for.

My SEO Strategy has also been found to keep your ranking for months after the initial SEO work has been carried out, keeping you ahead of your competition.

Do not get left behind and stop allowing your customer to out rank you in Google – call Osmond today!

ni seo company osmond maguire seo expert website audit

Website Audit

A website audit is the first step in a properly planned SEO strategy. I will identify easy wins, keywords and push those terms up with a diversified, safe, white hat link building strategy to get you quick increases in traffic.

Using our SEO Tools and Website Audit Reporting, we can regularly monitor what is going on and keep track of your rankings as they improve.

ni seo company osmond maguire seo expert keyword research

Keyword Research

I will use advanced competitive research to find what you’re missing: High volume, low competition, valuable keywords. Then I will build out awesome, well-researched content to target these keywords!

ni seo company osmond maguire seo expert on page optimisation

On Page Optimisation

I will determine the intent of each of your website pages and perform keyword research to find the best keywords to optimise that page.

I will then write new title tags, metas, urls, h1s, and image alt tags to fully optimise this page to suit your target audience and rankings we are looking to achieve.

ni seo company osmond maguire seo expert content creation

Content Creation

Recent Google updates place a lot of emphasis on the importance of content as a part of an effective SEO strategy.

My team works with you to put only the best content on your website creating a fantastic place for your customers to visit.

ni seo company osmond maguire seo expert link building
ni seo company osmond maguire seo expert analytics tracking

Analytics Tracking

Managed SEO is not a short term endeavour. I will track how your website ranks for targeted keywords, the flow of traffic and other indicators.

I will use this data to optimise SEO campaigns month after month.

ni seo company osmond maguire seo expert seo reporting

SEO Reporting

How do you know if the SEO Strategy is working for your website?

I will send you a detailed weekly report looking at rankings and competitors, this will help you keep on track of your website rankings and follow with ease all the keywords we are trying to rank for.

Work with SEO Expert Osmond Maguire

Osmond comes from Omagh, Co. Tyrone and provides Digital Marketing Services including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for Business Owners throughout Northern Ireland from his office in Fintona, Omagh.

Osmond has spent 25+ years running his own highly successful Digital Marketing and SEO Agency and knows what it takes each day to get ahead of your competition, succeed online and get to Page 1 of Google.

Today Osmond helps business owners avoid the struggles and pain he had to go through.  It’s always easier and quicker to get to the top with a little knowledge and some friendly guidance!

NI SEO Company
ni seo company - seo consultant osmond maguire

When you need competition beating rankings from an NI SEO Company from an SEO Consultant who knows his stuff, you need to talk to Osmond.

SEO will improve your online presence, get you found more easily and visible by way more customers than you could imagine.

The number one question we are asked daily is “How do I get to page 1 of Google?” – ask Osmond and follow his ranking strategy for a page 1 listing.

Call me today and lets talk SEO – 028 8244 0900

Antrim SEO Company, Search Engine Optimisation for Business Owners

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