Marketing Director

Osmond Maguire offers freelance B2B marketing support to business owners who are not in a position to employ a full-time marketing director, or who simply need some extra help to get a project up and running.  Osmond’s extensive experience and hands-on approach will bring a fresh perspective to your marketing operations and deliver fast and effective results.

  Develop your Marketing Strategy and Plan
  Prioritise and focus business development and marketing activities
  Manage website & SEO implementation proactively, content creation & updating
  Develop a winning mindset
  Increase the number of new customers, improve customer retention, and become THE LEADER in your field

You can depend on Osmond to get things going.  It’s much the same as having your own Marketing Director, consistent meetings,  conference calls and updates guarantee you are kept completely informed at all time.  Osmond is accessible to answer all your queries and give explanation as though he was a director on your board.

Using Osmond as your OUTSOURCED MARKETING DIRECTOR is an adaptable and financially savvy option to employing somebody full time.

osmond maguire marketing director
£2995/month ( min 3month term)

90 Day Growth Toolkit

90 day growth tool kit
ANYBODY can get more customers, but you need more profitable customers that give you more money and free up your time, using a repeatable system.  Imagine being taught a system where you could find and convert new customers each month.

  instant ACCESS to all the training videos
  all the “FILL IN THE BLANKS” templates for everything you will ever need
  100% ONLINE content, watch from any device anywhere
  free LIFETIME product updates
  access to MASTERCLASSES and additional training
  unlimited EMAIL support + HELP DESK TICKET system
  private MASTERMIND community

Typically you have to deal with your local web guy, SEO guy, social media guy and not forgetting the online guru, but none of these guys are experts in GROWING your BUSINESS.

This 12 week90 Days course will share with you and teach you all the marketing you need for your business to Succeed.  An investment in this course will easily pay you back 3 fold.


Strategy Session

What does it take to make your business stand out from your competition, what are they doing that you are not doing?  Working with me, together we can go through all aspects of your business in a half day strategy session.

  digital health check
  customer campaigns
  your sales funnel
  what is critical to resolve in your business right now
  strategic forward plan and timetable

This action packed session will help you get the most from my time and expertise. It will identify what it is we need to fix, resolve and put right to get you back on track now.

osmond maguire presenting at Big Birmingham to the SBS sales team

Digital Assets – Business Audit

we will carry out a digital audit of all your assets
A digital health check is the perfect way for you to understand if what you are doing is right and if it is performing in the eyes of Google.  We all want to be found on Google and how do you know if all the people you are paying to look after your website, social media and SEO are really doing their job!

I will carry out the following for you:-

  website review
  social media platform review
  SEO health check
  email campaign evaluation
  produce a report based on our findings and recommendations

After I have completed your digital audit, I will email you a copy of your report and schedule a call to go through my findings with you.