What Does A Business Coach Do?

A business coach is a person who has a significant role in a business and its development, or indeed from running a successful business themselves. 

They will have a passion for what you do and be aligned to your vision and goals and how to help you achieve them.  Your business coach needs to fully understand what you are going through and what needs to happen to move things along.

However you need to realise it’s going to take a few things, dedication on your part and some focus and clarity for you to start seeing results.  The business coach will help you put systems in place that will make a difference, teaching you how to attract new customers, generate leads, nurture existing customers and increase your business.

A business coach will help make your business stand out from all the rest.


Helps to define your vision and goals

You most likely didn’t get into business with the sole purpose of putting food on your table.  Though you may have had simplistic thoughts and ideas in the beginning, your urge to grow and do more with your business is now starting to develop.

Imagine where it is you want your business to be in the future, what does it look like, how does it perform, what money does it make?

A business coach is exactly what you will need to make all of this happen and more.  Helping you to set goals on the path towards actualising your visions and dreams – making them a reality.

Your business coach will help steer your business to the top.

Hold up a mirror to you

No matter how fired up you are, you cannot do everything your business needs, by yourself.  It doesn’t matter how many YouTube videos you watch, how many Gurus on FaceBook you follow and how many networking meetings you attend.  You will not be able to substitute your lack of skills by trying out what the latest Guru is telling you on Social Media.  You need a professional business coach, one who has a plan and a structure to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

The truth is sometimes you are not the best person to do jobs within your company.  Certain tasks are not best suited to your skills, expertise or more importantly the cost of you having to do them.

The entire purpose of your vision is to see your business grow. If it means having to hand the reins to someone who is more qualified, you had better step aside and embrace the changes.  Focus on what you are really good at.

Provide Accountability

At the helm of your business, it can get lonely at times. Mostly because you have no one to share your successes and frustrations with, and also because there is no one to keep you on the straight and narrow. You are bound to overstep certain boundaries, or go down a wrong road now and again.

A business coach is exactly what you need to hold you accountable to the actions that you are taking, keep you on the right path and focus on the end results you are striving to achieve.

This is just one of the ways Osmond Maguire Business Coaching can help you today, perhaps you are not ready for Business Coaching and Business Mentoring would be better suited to help you out now.  Either way we have a solution that will work for you.

You need to pick up your phone and have a conversation with Osmond, let him know your goals and where you want your business to be.

Lets work together to put your business as the only one in town worth using!


I hope you found this article useful and you have downloaded your copy of 7 Foolproof Ways to Generate Leads. If you find it useful, no doubt you will be hearing from me otherwise give me a call and we can discuss what you need help with.

Looking forward to helping your business succeed in every way.  Connect with me today – https://osmondmaguire.com/connect/


Take care – Osmond

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What Does a Business Coach Do?

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