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Web Design Agency Business Coach Osmond Maguire can help improve your business, and attract more customers today.  I will listening to you and understand where it is you are struggling and where most you need help with.

As a business owner myself I fully understand where you are now, what you are facing and what keeps you up at night.  The role of a good Business Coach is to help support you, build a strategy and a plan that will help you achieve the goals you want, improve sales and make more profits.

Using my years of knowledge, experience and tech know how, I am very well placed to get you attracting more customers today and delivering a stream of leads on repeat for your business.

I help small business owners, solopreneurs and have a great connection with IT and Web Design businesses as these are from my own area of expertise.

web design agency business coach osmond maguire

Osmond Maguire Business Coach 

certified business coach osmond maguire - Northern Ireland

Osmond Maguire Business Coaching

As a business coach I will be right there with you in the thick of it, helping you through issues that are unique to your business.  The advice you will receive will be specific to your situation, and not a patch that has been shoehorned to fit your business.

The critical thing I need to know is what is not working in your business today and where you want to be.  Then we will form a plan and a strategy that will take you step by step on a journey to achieving your goals.

Instead of feeling around for guidance and guessing what to do or try next, why not get a business coach who will walk with you and ensure your business is on a steady footing?  Someone who knows how to help you achieve the success you crave and deserve.

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book a call with Web Design Agency Business Coach, Osmond Maguire

Book a 20 minute strategy call with Osmond

Call Osmond today and have a chat about where your business is and where you would like it to be.  All strategy sessions are free with no obligation and will give me a chance to listen to you and understand what’s not working for you at present.

During our call you can tell me what is not working in your business right now and what you have tried to do to fix this.

7 Foolproof Ways to Generate More Leads and sales for Small business Owners


click image above to download 7 Foolproof Ways to Generate Leads

When you start to market your business, you need to ensure you have several foundation blocks in place and supporting your business – these blocks are outlined in 7 Foolproof Ways to Generate Leads for Small Businesses, my eBook, you can download from here.

Part 1: 5 Things You Need to Fix on Your Website Today
Learn what 5 things are stopping your website from performing and delivering all those leads you deserve.

Part 2: Why Your New Website Is Not Attracting Customers
After spending £1000’s on your new website, why can it not be found, why does it fail to attract leads?

Part 3: Ultimate Website Layout to win over Google
We all want to be found in Google – learn what layout works and what tools we use to achieve this.

Part 4: Google My Business, a must for SEO results
This is the ‘Gem’ and ‘Golden Nugget’ every business owner is missing out on. If you only did one thing – this is it!


Part 5: 8 Steps to Boost Website Engagement
Get in front of your audience – do not sit back and wait for them to find you.

Part 6: Increase Customers and Leads by Blogging
Its free and easy to do – why are more business owners not talking about how they can help and who they can help. Blog – its easy and very effective.

Part 7: What Happens Next
Its time to talk to Osmond and get help with all of this, mentoring, coaching and getting it done. Time to step up and get leads for your business and a system that works and help and support for your business.

Work with Osmond Maguire Business Coach

Osmond comes from Omagh, Co. Tyrone and coaches Business Owners and Entrepreneurs throughout Northern Ireland from his office in Fintona, Omagh.

Business Coaching, supporting and mentoring is what Osmond does best, teaching and coaching you on how to grow your business and get more customers on repeat.

Osmond has spent 25+ years running his own highly successful IT and Web Design Agency and knows what it takes each day to get ahead of your competition and succeed.

Today Osmond coaches and helps other business owners avoid the struggles and pain he had to go through.  It’s always easier and quicker to get to the top with a little knowledge and friendly guidance!

osmond maguire business coaching

grow your business with a Business Coach – http://entrepreneurscircle.org/

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